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The Franciscan Monastery

The Franciscan Monastery was built in the Baroque era on XVII. centurian foundations. Friar János Kájoni lived amongst its walls, who achieved his merits by collecting the ancient székely religious hymns. His oeuvre was written by Péter Pál Domokos. Kájoni also founded a press where he printed his works. He was burried in the monastery together with friar Leonárd Losteiner historian, who is quoted in almost every page by Balázs Orbán describer of the Székely land. Kájoni's bust is mounted in the monsatery wall. A regular summer arts and crafts camp is organised in the monastery.
view from the Lázár Castle statues close-up backyard
view from the Lázár Castle statues close-up back-view

Lázár Castle back Fortified Church