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Lázár Castle


Lázár Castle of Gyergyószárhegy; the building derives from 1532 and it was István Lázár (Stephan Lazar) chief judge who had it reconstructed in renaissance style in 1631. The castle burned down during the Rakoczi War of Independence in 1707. Afterwards, the gate battlement was rebuilt, and later the Castle regained its noble splendour. Gabor Bethlen Prince of Transylvania was raised among its walls, whose mother was Fruzsina Lazar of Gyergyószárhegy. The castle provided refuge on several occasions to hunted Moldvian and Havasalföld princes. Presently, two of the battlements accomodate displays of local history, while the main building, the "hall of knights" is a place for different events, conferences and ancient music festivals.

First tour:
A walk around the Castle

Second tour:
The Castle yard

Third tour:
A glance back

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