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Transylvania : History and Reality
by Milton G. Lehrer
Transylvania and Beyond : A Travel Memoir
by Dervla Murphy
Alabaster Village : Our Years in Transylvania
by Christine Frederiksen Balazs Morgan, Anne Welsh
Historians and the History of Transylvania (East European Monographs, No 332)
by Laszlo Peter (Editor)
History of Transylvania
by Gabor Carta, Istvan Bona, Bela Kopeczi, Laszlo Makkai
Hungary and Transylvania : With Remarks on Their Social, Political, and Economical Condition
by John Paget
The Nationalities Problem in Transylvania, 1867-1940 : A Social History of the Romanian Minority Under Hungarian Rule, 1867-1918 and of the Hungarian
by Sandor Biro, Mario D. Fenyo (Translator)
Romania at the Paris Peace Conference : A Study of the Diplomacy of Ioan I.C. Bratianu
by Sherman David Spector
Transylvania and Beyond : A Travel Memoir
by Dervla Murphy
Documented Facts and Figures on Transylvania
by A. Wass Czege
Ethnic History of Transylvania
by Haraszti
Genocide in Transylvania : Nation on the Death Row
by Transylvanian World Federation, Danubian Research and Information Ctr
In Transylvania
by Imre Szacsvay
Levantine trade and Hungary in the Middle Ages : theses, controversies, arguments
by Zsigmond Pâal Pach
National Minorities in Romania : Change in Transylvania
by Elemer Illyes
Never Laugh at Bears : A Transylvanian Folktale (Folktales of the World)
by Victor Ambrus
Romania:Folk Music from Transylvania
by Szaszcsavas Band
Transylvania : an outline of its cultural history
by Kâaroly Kâos
Transylvania : the Hungarian minority in Rumania
by Julia Nâanay
Transylvania : The Roots of Ethnic Conflict
by John F.; Ludanyi, Andrew and Elteto, Louis J. Cadzow (Editor
Transylvania, Tutor to the West
by John Dean, Wright
Transylvanian Hungarian Folk Art
by Albert Wass De Czege
The Transylvanian route of Levantine trade at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries
by Zsigmond Pâal Pach
Transylvanian Villagers : Three Centuries of Political, Economic, and Ethnic Change
by Katherine Verdery
The Treaty of Trianon and European peace
by Istvâan Bethlen
Deadly fog at Dead Man's Landing : novel
by Albert Wass
Selected Hungarian folk tales
by Albert Wass
Selected Hungarian legends
by Albert Wass