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 First quarter
  • continuing the on-going negotiations for procuring support;
  • working out a schedule for reconstruction works together with the expert staff of the outdoor museum in Szentendre;
  • Finding and hireing local craftsmen for the cause (creating a team of eight members);
  • Preparation of the detailed drawings for the Conference Hall with the "Sáros és Társa" architecture co.;
  • Attendance, holding a lecture and finding new contacts at the 8. International Symposium for "Folk Architecture Heritage" in March;
  • Concluding a lease contract with the local Catholic parish;
  • Distributing publications in local and Hungarian papers;



Second quarter
  • Licensing the implementation documents with the local authorities for the Outdoor Museum, procuring construction license, site preparation;
  • Dismantling of the houses, constructing the foundations;
  • Commencement of training labour with the supervision of the experts from Szentendre;
  • Reconstructing of doors and windows, collection of furnishings etc.;
  • Public utilities construction,
  • Rebuilding the houses at the site prepared,




 Third quarter
  • Construction of traditional roofings, wall covering, internal works and furnishing;
  • Construction of infrastructure necessary for tourist accomodations;
  • Preparation and launching of advertisement campaign in both countries for domestic and international introduction of the Outdoor Museum;
  • Commencing construction works for the Conference Hall;





 Fourth quarter
  • Finishing works of the Conference Hall;
  • Finishing enterior works in the houses;
  • Manufacturing of roofings and furnishing and searching for old pieces;
  • Finding further financial support;
  • Opening ceremony of the Conference Hall at 5 December in the presence of the Hungarian and Transylvanian supporters and sponsers of the cause;
  • Trial operation of the winter season, continuous PR activites;