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  Present state
  • The Foundation procured 15 buildings as a provision for commencing its activity from its own resources (see the nine photos);
  • The idea was well received both in Transylvania and in Hungary;
  • The Catholic Church provided the land necessary for the construction;
  • The municipality ensured us of its moral support for the idea;
  • The Museum of Szentendre, Hungary provides technical assistance and support;
  • The Hungarian architects' community support us both technically and financially;
  • We enjoy the support of the Ministry of Monuments Protection of Hungary;
  • The turistical attraction and recognition of the region has continuously increased throughout these years;



  • The investment could relate to the Milleneum Events on 5 December 2000 at the town patronal festival of St. Nicholaus;
  • Introduction of the Szekely history to our descendants and to the tourists;
  • Introduction of traditional crafts being forgotten at the site, such as: water-milling, water dragsawing, shingle cutting, charcoal burning, pottery, smithing, wheeler crafts, woodworking, art of weaving, hand-spunning, gastronomy;
  • Organising international conferences, concerts, scientific symposia and other events in the planned Conference Hall;
  • Production and selling of folk art products, provision of tourist apartments for ensuring financial sustainment;






  • Lack of financial support from the local Municipality;
  • Lack of local experts for restoration works;
  • Relatively short period of time (until 2000 december 5);
  • Lack of financial support from the (Rumanian) state;
  • Delayed restoration involves the deterioration of unpreserved values in a short time;
  • The delay of financial support endangers the safety of buildings purchased since these should be removed from their present location by May and June in accordnace with the contracts concluded.