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 Current assets
  • The current assets of the Foundation consist of the 13 old houses and 3 farm structures purchased in 1998. There are 3 more houses deposited.






Capital need
  • A mighty capital is necessary for the dismantling, preserving and rebuilding of the buildings and structures and the construction of the related yard, at present this is the most important task of the Foundation. According to the calculations the setting up and furnishing of one Szekely household (a house and farm structures) would cost about 4,000 dollars considering Rumanian prices. The completion of the 13 existing houses therefore costs 52,000 dollars. After the initial capital investment the museum would be able to maintain itself, and could even generate profit to enable further developments and financing of works.



Cash flow
  • Accomodation, catering and participation at programmes for one person cost 12 dollars/day.
    A family of four pays 48 dollars;
    In case of ten houses this sums to 480 dollars/day; 57,600 dollars/year at 120 days and 172,800 dollars/three years.
    Adding up the income generated by craftsmen will conclude a turnover of about 200,000 dollars in three years. The entrance fees were not incorporated.
    According to our calculations the net income would be about 112,000-120,000 dollars, which could be used entirely for the development of the Outdoor Museum.